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Should you hire a photographer for your proposal?

Yes! Yes, you should! We think about photos for so many of life's special moments like pregnancies and newborns, first day of school and graduations, yearly family photos and even weddings. And, yes, we photograph a lot of engagement sessions! They are pretty popular. In fact, they are almost always included in a wedding package but let's talk about the difference between the proposal and an engagement session.

The engagement session is one that is planned and is included with my wedding packages. Both of you know about it and are involved in the planning. I've done engagement photos at a couples favorite fishing spot with both in hip waders and the engagement ring on a fishing hook! That was fun and it captured something special for that sweet couple. This is typically where your photos come from that end up on your "save the date" cards that you mail to all of your friends and family well in advance of your big day.

But the proposal, that's totally different.The proposal is most often a surprise. It's carefully thought out and planned in advance. THIS is that special moment! This is the moment that has your stomach in knots and they'll be over the moon with surprise and happiness. This is the moment that you will share with friends and family as you share the exciting news so YES, you should have a sneaky photographer that is willing to be a part of your plan to surprise the one you love and ask them to marry you.

I loved being a part of this surprise! The location was a special spot for these two and he knew that was where he wanted to propose. She had no idea at all! It was a pretty elaborate plan that started when he messaged me to see if I was available that evening. I shopped for the champagne, glasses, roses and then we figured out what they were wearing to coordinate a picnic blanket. They were leaving the following day for an amazing vacation so the timing was perfect! I arrived a half hour before them at Biltmore Estate to dial in my settings and have everything ready. The champagne was chilling in a cooler in my car and I told him where I'd be hiding and to be sure they were in the center of that bamboo forest so that I had a beautiful view of them both. I saw them walking towards the bamboo so that was my cue to take my spot.They walking into the circle and he pulled her close and then dropped to one knee and she was so surprised and excited! She squealed, "Yes, yes, yes!!!" I clicked away, moving closer and closer with each shot. As I neared the circle, he pointed to me and she turned my way and the reality that he had this so perfectly planned hit her and her knees buckled. It was beautiful and priceless! After hugs and congratulations, I gave them a few moments alone because that's how it should be. It's a very special moment for them and I am there to capture it, not be a part of it so I give those moments.

When they caught back up with me, we headed to a second spot that he and I had planned where I had a blanket and picnic basket waiting for them to toast their special occasion. I snapped a few photos and ventured off to retrieve their champagne cork as a memento and gave them a few more moments alone. It was such a big moment for them and I want them to have their personal space with their moment.

We finished up with some beautiful photos of the two of them toasting, dancing, snuggling, kissing and enjoying the moment before more hugs and congratulations for the happy couple and then I headed home to edit and let them finish their champagne and revel in the magic of their special evening.

Of course I waited for the "all clear" before sharing any photos so that they could share the wonderful news with friends and family first. The next morning I sent them a few peeks so they could share the news in pictures as they headed off on a wonderful adventure together.

So the answer to that question is YES! If you want to freeze these moments in time, yes. If you'd love to share your story with your children and grandchildren one day, yes. Why wouldn't you? And besides being a photographer, I'm a hopeless romantic and I will help you plan and execute a special surprise. I'm really good at keeping secrets!


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