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Newborn Photography: Posed vs Lifestyle

We all love the photos of newborns snuggled sweetly, posed with props and sleeping peacefully. I know that I love them... how can you not? Here's my thought though, newborns are precious and perfect just the way they are so I won't pose them into unnatural positions. It just doesn't seem right and why mess with perfection? I mean, that little life has grown inside your belly for nine months and they love to be swaddled and snuggled so that is how I do newborn posed photography. I will put cute little outfits on them and take some photos like that... wait til you see the little cow further down the page... but my point is, I won't bend and twist your newborn baby into poses that are unnatural for them but you can still have those sweet photos.

Swaddled and cozy... this is my idea of posing a baby.

Now recently, newborn lifestyle photography has become quite popular and it's perfect in many ways. What is newborn lifestyle photography? It's family photography with the focus on bonding and loving your new baby in a relaxed home setting. You've just given birth to your little angel and you find yourself just watching them sleep... so in love and in awe of them. That is what a lifestyle session is about.

I've had many people ask which is better? Posed or lifestyle? My answer is that you don't have to make a choice. I only offer a lifestyle package for newborns because it is a combination of both. Capturing these precious moments in the first few weeks of your newborn's arrival shouldn't be one or the other when you can have both. These are moments that are gone in the blink of an eye so capture all of them while you can... that's my thought.

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